Yarn Barf Slippers

From: Notagirlymom

So last week, when my husband had to go out of town for a funeral, I stayed up one night waaay too late watching a scary movie and crocheting.

I didn’t realize, however, until the next day that my slippers resembled a puddle of vomit. And the yarn looked so PRETTY in the skein sitting there on the Big Box Craft Store shelf.

yarn barf slippers

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  1. val says:

    hahaha….I know the feeling. I made a slipper with a varigated skein of yarn…after doing the first one, I had to get up…when I walked back and looked at it I realized how AWFUL it looked so I threw it away and didn’t bother making the second one!

  2. rina says:

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  3. Cakefortwo says:

    *gigglesnort* i have SO MANY yarns that do this. I’m a sucker for variagated skeins, that i’m like “Ooooh! it’s a RAINBOW OF PRETTY!” *buys* — and then when i go to implement it into something, it’s like “o.O ick. i can’t imagine a SINGLE THING this would EVER look good on. Ever.” and then it goes into the “Hey hubby, did you want this?” pile. XD

  4. Lois says:

    There is sometimes a picture on the label of a sample scarf or shawl made from the yarn, and it always looks great in the picture. Then you start using the yarn and realize that, apparently, it looks good ONLY on that particular scarf or shawl. :o\

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