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Attack of the Mutant Milano Sheep

milano cookie sheep(inspiration image from Southern Living)

From: Kristen
My website:

Last Easter, my father in law ran across something in a magazine my mother in law left out and said to her, “This would be a fabulous thing for you to do with our granddaughter!” Note he did not, in any way, volunteer himself for any effort.

Note that she went ahead and did it. The idea was fairly simple- make sheep from Milano cookies, melted almond bark, mini marshmallows, and mini chocolate chips. The execution turned out much more… interesting. The perfect little pictures looked so cute, though…

I arrived for the Easter festivities right as she finished melting the almond bark and, as a known crafty individual, was promptly pulled into doing this with them.

milano cookie sheep fail

They all turned out to be mutant sheep. the heads wouldn’t stay on at the right angles, the chocolate chips were too large for the project, the marshmallows fell off and re-gluing them left almond bark melty bits all over their backs, which was not very aesthetic. No one could get theirs to stand properly. I don’t remember what we used for feet. I only got pictures of mine; I didn’t think I should share anyone else’s fail with the world.

Mine was the least mutated, and as you can see… it looks quite possessed.

She kindly preserved it in Tupperware and sent it home with me the next day… I was surprised it hadn’t wandered the house trying to eat their souls in the night.

Epic Sheep Fail!

Editor’s Note: One of the comments on the original project make it sound like maybe this project wasn’t as simple as it was intended to be:

I’m trying to make these with my three kids…how on *earth* do you get anything to stick on the milano cookies…especially the head?? I am using everything per the ingredients list and using them as directed…the M&M’s are way too heavy and keep falling off…the marshmallows slide all over the place and I cannot figure out how you got the cookie for the head to attach to the cookie for the body?? Cute idea but practically impossible to make :( Left me frustrated with upset kids.

milano sheep nailed it

9 Responses to Attack of the Mutant Milano Sheep

  1. Cindy deRosier says:

    You’ve made my day. LOVE these. The mutant sheep is awesome. I’m tempted to make some!

  2. I think Nick Park’s Shawn of the Sheep would definately identify with a tough day. I loved your story.

    Take heart. I tried a mint milano chocolate pudding graveyard for a Halloween party that ended up all over my car carpet (because the pudding did not set.) These are the memories of life (and they taste okay too.) Hang in there.

  3. Trish says:

    Oh my gosh! Thanks for the laugh! and for sharing your mutant sheep with us! It’s a brave soul who would publish the pictures! Anyway, I hope they tasted better than they looked! Loved this post!

  4. Jade says:

    This is hilarious! I love this site!

  5. Zombiemommy says:

    This made me cry with laughter..Oh I needed this.

  6. Darlene says:

    I just love those sheep. It is now almost 5am and I am up reading this site because I needed a laugh. I am sure the next time that I am counting sheep your mutant cookies will be there, probably eating the normal sheep. ROTFL thanks I really needed that laugh.

  7. Cheryl says:

    I haven’t laughed so hard in ages! Love it!
    Now I have to remember to take pics of my fails from now on!

  8. Cat says:

    You know that deep belly laugh? The one that makes you run out of sound coming out of your mouth so you just sit there like a dumb animal while you’re choking on your own saliva and can’t breathe? That’s the laugh this gave me.

  9. Lisa Ludlow says:

    oh Child you have made my day. Maybe you could give them little nun chucks and they could be “Teen-age Mutant Ninja Sheep.” “Cowabaaaaaaaaaanga Dude”

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