Blue, Blue, Electric Blue, That’s Color of My Fail…

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[sung to the tune of David Bowie’s “Sound and Vision“]

For me craftfails are horrible trifecta of work avoidance, internet access and arrogance which emerges whenever I spy something I want, but believe should only cost a nickel. When I spied this gorgeous Tiffany Studios Blue Double Gourd Favrile Glass Vase I was in love. Once I realized I’d have to make a phone call to find out the price I suspected it was way out of my budget or at least cost more than nickel.

Armed with determination, too much coffee and several seasons of Ally McBeal stretched in front of me, I dug around my craft supplies for acrylic paint and a vase. Good thing I used a cheap “practice” vase since I wasn’t exactly sure of my process. I had a hunch the key was a layering of cobalt and aqua paint until I achieved the desired result. I started with a light sanding of the surface, then a two light coats of primer, which I actually let “cure” for 48 hours. I know, right. I was taking this seriously. Then I applied a base coat of the aqua craft paint; waited for it to dry and repeated the process three times. Then I taped off random sections and applied the cobalt craft paint.

It was late, so I went to bed feeling good about the project. But the next morning in the harsh and unflattering sunlight I realized my Tiffany Studios knockoff vase had gone terribly wrong. Undaunted, I applied a quick coat of aqua and then used a small, plastic comb to give what I believed was some “interest” and texture. This only made matters worse. Devastated, I gave up. But at least I have another failed vase project to store unsightly items under the kitchen sink!

ceramic fail


tiffany studios craftfail

5 Responses to Blue, Blue, Electric Blue, That’s Color of My Fail…

  1. Maya says:

    That’s quite nice looking actually from the pictures. I like the texture it appears to have. Now if you could mod podge it or spray with a gloss or something I bet it would pop!

  2. yessi says:

    I keep looking at this but I see Nothing wrong with it. It looks pretty

  3. dryerlintdog says:

    it looks like Roseville Pottery in the picture. Kind of rustic. Have you redone any other vases? Vases seem to multiply like rabbits in the cupboard at home and at work and cry out for redecorating…

  4. I could see how it’s not what you were going for, but, I agree, it’s rustic-ish. As someone who’s failed a lot of painting things, I’ve learned that a LOT of times, it has to do with the KIND of paint you are using. Different paints have different bases, water, oil, latex, acrylic, etc. You have to be picky with glass, I’ve found. I do agree with Maya up there- a gloss coat of something could make it interesting and sort of Crate and Barrel! Why not, what’s gonna happen, you re-fail? ;D

  5. Carol the long winded says:

    I think it looks good too. I guess Fails are in the eye of the beholder some times.

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