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Recycled T-Shirt… Bowl?

hula hoop rug weaving inspiration(inspiration photo: hula hoop weaving tutorial at FamilyFun)

From: Aimee
My website:

Today, I attempted to make a rag rug out of cut t-shirts, using a hula hoop as a frame to weave the pieces. It was looking really good as I was weaving it, but I could see the trouble as I started to clip the edges. Somehow I had weaved the outside much tighter than the inside, causing the outside of the rug to pull up into a bowl-like shape. My rag rug is now a rag bowl. It’s cute, but not what I was going for.

hula hoop rag rug

Editor’s note: you could make it into a pouf!

4 Responses to Recycled T-Shirt… Bowl?

  1. haha! that’s a fantastically inventive way to fail :-) well done xx

  2. Pooma__ says:

    love the original project, i will keep this fail in mind if i attempt one :)

  3. anne says:

    Hey, do you have cats or do you know anyone who has? They’ll love this cuddly bowl as a bed.
    And cats are very tolerant with anything soft enough to sleep in.

  4. amy says:

    oh funny I made the same thing and it turned out the same way. so I made a pillow

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