Totally 80s Coral Yarn Fish

crocheted fish

inspiration photo: NOT a fail!

From: Kristi
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So, what color matches coral or salmon? GAH!?! Certainly not lemon yellow OR a light lime! Oh, my, gah, Becky, that totally clashes!

The photo above is the inspiration project… (Find the free crochet pattern here). Yup, there is even a nice Google Doc of it in English! I downloaded it, and tried to pull something salmon-ish out of my stash – you know, a good sushi color!

That yarn happened to be Caron Simply Soft (I thought it was called Coral) – and since I can’t find reference to the color online (sorry, no wrapper), I assume it to be discontinued!

Yeech! No wonder it has been lingering in my yarn stash! It is more peachy in person than my camera captured (actually, the pictures don’t look nearly as bad) and the bright yellow/lime fin is literally gross looking to me…plus I had trouble sewing it on, so it is on there so well I am going to have to cut the fin up to get it off the fish…

Next time, I should look more closely at the pieces before I become obsessed with perfect stitching!

I’m planning on trying black and white for the accents after I cut this mess out, hopefully they won’t make my fish look so sick!

4 Responses to Totally 80s Coral Yarn Fish

  1. Susannah says:

    I don’t think it’s that bad, but if you do, you could always turn it into a cat toy. I know mine would go for it. Remove eyes, stuff, sew up mouth, and let the fun begin.

  2. Kristi says:

    I chopped off his mohawk, and then made the sushi rice and nori section of the pattern….wait, I messed up! I made the fish too tight of a fabric to even work! The fish has to be floppy and stretchy to turn inside itself…and well, not this poor fish!

    I was thinking to sew up his mouth and to add the cute whiskers – maybe stuff him with his hair if it didn’t throw it away from frustration!

    So far he has little tan fins that are speckled with with black…no plans yet for the rest of the accents, or for the redo to remake with a larger hook and and a stretchy yarn!

    Hummm, now where can I get some catnip to make him more appealing? Ohhh I should sew Xs for eyes as a cat toy! Haha! We shall salvage this fish after all!

  3. Lisa says:

    Is that color “Persimmon”? I’ve got some of that lying around from a horrible rudely blanket I attempted and stitched much too tight…

  4. Alicia says:

    But why would one want to make that fish?!?

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