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Barbie sez, don’t drink and craft

barbie fail

From: Notagirlymom

A while back, I had this insane idea I was going to make a faaaaabulous one-of-a-kind fairy/elf-like doll from an old Barbie that I’d picked up at a garage sale. She was in decent shape, aside from her toes which had been chewed off (seems to happen a lot) but I figured I could fix that with a pair of boots or something.

I never got around to it. I think I got discouraged because I’d tried to un-kink her hair with boiling water and it didn’t come out as straight as I wanted. Then I gave her a horrible haircut which looked like I’d taken a weed whacker to her hair.barbie fail

So this doll has been sitting around, mostly naked, in my bag of craft stuff for the better part of two years.

One night, while not entirely sober, I got the idea from a hideous little knit/crochet book (Knitprovisation, which you should buy for the knit and crochet fail alone) to turn her into a doll with a crocheted dress.

But I didn’t have enough yarn for a WHOLE dress. So I (again..not entirely sober here) snapped her legs off and crocheted her a half-body/lump thing as well as a goofy looking little hood to cover her bad haircut.


barbie sez, "don't drink and craft"

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