Christmas in June: Santa Garcia Fail

Santa Garcia

I made this guy two years ago, but I guess I just never got around to sharing him with you. He was supposed to be a Dollar Store Craft project for Christmas, but he was just so odd that he never went anywhere (except on my tree… and then into the xmas decoration box, and then back on my tree the next year!)

I bought a pair of red chenille gloves at the dollar store and my idea was to make a little Santa Claus ornament out of the fingertips of the glove. I stuffed the finger tips, used a yarn ball for a head, and glued on faux fur trim for hair and a beard, and creepy button eyes.

Those creepy button eyes.

Anyone who has seen Coraline knows that the button eyes almost always result in total craftfail.

Even if he’d had better eyes, this Santa was still doomed to look like an odd, misshapen Christmas version of Jerry Garcia.

santa garcia fail nailed it

Santa ornament… if Santa was Jerry Garcia. Nailed It!

3 Responses to Christmas in June: Santa Garcia Fail

  1. Creepy button eyes? I think the beard scares me more LOL

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  3. Lynn says:

    I don’t think he is creepy. I think Santa Garcia is adorable! :D

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