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Nobody Wants a Green Slime Mold Heart

green slime veggie resin fail

Resin crafting be a harsh mistress indeed. We’ve featured several resin fails over the years, but I was only recently personally blessed with a resin craft that went straight to craftf’hell. I’ll be sharing several resin craftfails in the coming weeks, but today’s is especially awesome!

I’ve had resin on my crafting bucket list for years (sidenote: I hate the phrase “bucket list” and yet, here I just used it). I knew that resin was purported to be a challenging medium, and I’m here to tell you that the rumors are true. Like many a craftfailer before me, I didn’t read any articles on successful resin crafting before I jumped right in. I DID read the directions a couple times and tried to follow them to the letter. Well, I definitely mixed my resin well!

My craftfails are often a many layered failure. This green slime mold heart failed on several levels.

nobody wants a slime heart

First craftfail layer: Green Flocking + Resin = Green Slime

You’ve seen the cuteness that is resin jewelry with things embedded in it. Stoopidgirl on Etsy does a lot of great cute resin work. Well, I’ve seen glitter in resin, but I’ve never seen flocking.

Um, there would be a reason for that.

Flocking dissipates into resin and looks like slime. At least, green flocking does.

Second craftfail layer: Veggies + Green Slime = Unappetizing

Yes, my first attempt at resin looks like a kindergartener made it. What can I say, I like sparkly stickers of veggies! But nobody likes moldy veggies (except maybe Oscar the Grouch).

green slime veggie

Third craftfail layer: Bad Composition

The best thing about this experience was that I learned a lot about resin. Sometimes you can only learn by having a failure (which is the greatest thing about being such a craftfail rockstar! Lots of crafting XP). Making a pleasing composition in resin is important. And sort of difficult. Things slip around before the resin cures, and embeds go places you don’t want them to.

Well, I was pretty sure this was a fail long before the resin began to cure, so as a last-ditch effort to improve the green slime & mushroom heart, I threw in a lettuce sticker that would float behind the mushrooms. And block the light.

If only you could SEE the veggies. You can’t really tell what’s going on in that green murk.

I actually have one or two more layers of craftfail on this, but I’ll save those fails for another day. I have more resin failures to share soon!

5 Responses to Nobody Wants a Green Slime Mold Heart

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  2. Peaches says:

    Hahaha! Green slime indeed. Resin is a tricky one! I still don’t get the whole submersion technique…using it as varnish it challenging enough. I wonder if you could submerge real veggies? Like broccoli or something. Whats the worst that could happen?

  3. Wow, that would be an interesting experiment. I read somewhere that someone did flowers & they turned black because they rotted inside the resin.

  4. You’re not alone! I had a resin fail myself:

    I saw the coffee bean canister that was successful, I love it!

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