Perfect Poo Cupcakes

I asked, the universe answered.

Well, I Tweeted…

poo cupcake tweet

“Cupcake bakers, I respectfully request you NOT use the large round piping tip when frosting with chocolate. #poo” – @CraftFail

and @dallas74 answered with the photo that described exactly what I was talking about!

craftfail poo tweet 2

poo cupcakes

Dallas said:

I’m not a master baker, so to speak.  But I’m not bad at the basics, so I’ve always thought that paying $6 for a single cupcake was daylight robbery because how hard could it be to make a batch of cupcakes?  Everywhere you look, in movies and in shops, you see these mouthwatering little cakes, iced to perfection.  I wanted a piece of that.

It’s the icing that continually confounds me.  I know that I should invest in a proper icing bag but in today’s financial climate, who has the money?  And why bother when you can make your own with a plastic supermarket bag with a hole cut in it?  That’s just as good, right?  Right?  Wrong.  The main problem is that the hole is too big.  And when the hole is so big, you don’t get dainty, scalloped, frilly layers of piped icing; you get a big, fat ‘Mr Whippy’ style pile of what looks basically, like fresh dog poo.

They were just missing the steam.

Visit Dallas’s Facebook group, Foodface, for some terrifying attempts at creativity.  

5 Responses to Perfect Poo Cupcakes

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  2. Alyssa says:

    Aaah! Hahaha:) this might be a way to ensure only you get to enjoy your baking, lol.

  3. Cat says:

    It might be that I havent slept in 27 hours, but I just cried from laughing.

  4. Alexis says:

    Piping bags are, like, $5 max. For the reusable kind. Disposable are around $3 for a box of 12. Piping tips are $1-$2. They’re a sound investment.

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