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The Cow Says, “CraftFail”

craftfail cow

I was commissioned to create a simple kids’ craft with a barnyard theme, so I spent hours brainstorming and trying to hit upon just the right mix of simplicity and innovation. I wanted it to be something that nobody had done before, and it would use recycled materials to boot!

Behold, my first simple barnyard craft: the, uh, Cow Chime!

What a simple concept: stick a pipecleaner through a recycled yogurt tub, and then draw a cow face on the front. What could be simpler? What could make less sense? I can’t think of a single craft that is a worse idea than this one!

5 Responses to The Cow Says, “CraftFail”

  1. Jeri says:

    I think this is super cute.

  2. amanda_1981 says:

    First of all, kids crafts are lame. Sure, it’s a little lame, but it’s a good kid craft! :D I can name WAY worse crafts. Most of them are mine. LOL

  3. Chrysla says:

    More cowbell!!!!!!

  4. Sandi Kuehl says:

    Thank you!

    I now have a craft for my Tail Time on Saturday!

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