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Book Box vs. Toddler – Who Wins?

book box fail

I made this cute book box and thought I was super clever because my son loves putting things in boxes….now I can get him to clean up his own books! To decorate the book box, I wrapped some leftover black yarn around the top to give it some texture.

Apparently¬†what I saw as decoration, my son saw as “leash.”

A few weeks after putting the box in our living room, I was working in the kitchen and heard a noise that sounded like something being dragged across the floor. I turned around and my son had a big wad of yarn in his hand, which he had unraveled from the top of the box and was now using as a leash to drag his book box into the kitchen and toward the stairs.

decoration leash

To see a video of this craftfail in progress, check out this post:

From: Carissa B
My website:
Subject: Toddler-Proof Book Box Fail

One Response to Book Box vs. Toddler – Who Wins?

  1. Tammy says:

    This is a pretty creative use for the box and string! My kids hardly ever used a product for what it was “supposed” to be used as…

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