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Explosive Poo Melted Crayon Art

melted crayon art

rainbow melted crayon art by Madincrafts (not a fail)

One of the hottest trends in crafting this fall are these melted crayon art pieces. You mount crayons to a canvas, hit the crayons with a heat gun, and let the wax melt down the canvas and create a pretty rainbow. Well, I figured I could jump on the trendwagon but twist it a little by creating an autumn melted crayon art piece.

What I imagined in my head was these pretty brown crayons melting onto the canvas to form the trunk of a fall-ish tree. I even bought pretty fall leaves to glue onto melted waxy branches…What I didn’t count on was the super power of my blow dryer turning gentle streams of brown into an explosive looking diarrhea mess!

craft fail poo crayon

From: Connie
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Subject: Crayon Poo

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