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Maskless Batman = Bruce Wayne Costume?

batman mask craftfail

Gotham’s craft halls are crying out for a crusader. A craft crusader who is capable of creating a halfway decent-looking Batman mask.

Batman craftfails seem to be a huge trend this year (and by huge trend, we mean two in a row). I dollar store crafted up an Adam West-era Batman costume for my two year-old son this year.

First of all, this is a costume for a two year-old. Most two year-olds won’t keep a mask on anyway. Definitely not a full hood like Batman wears!

batman mask fail

I tried to mock up a full Batman hood out of an old t-shirt and scraps of a dollar store fleece blanket. I was too lazy to get my sewing machine out for the mockup, so I hot glued this baby together (including the uneven bat ears and the non-eye-reaching mask with misshapen eye holes).

The hood doesn’t work at all on my five year old model, but even on the two year-old, the fit of this hood was a bit of a stretch.

I thought maybe I should go simpler for my toddler, since he wouldn’t wear the hood for more than two seconds. So, I tried a plain mask that went around his head with a piece of elastic.

batman mask craftfail

Again with the misshapen eye holes.

final batman mask fail

My final mask is the one I presented with the project tutorial, but the truth is that it was a fail too. My son wouldn’t wear it after I snapped this one picture of him. The mask squished his nose down flat like a pancake. I tried to bend a crease in the mask to allow his little nosey some space, but it didn’t really work.

This Halloween, Batman just went maskless. Kind of defeats the whole point, huh?

One Response to Maskless Batman = Bruce Wayne Costume?

  1. Ms. Batman says:

    This is the funniest post i’ve read.. I’m at work and had to walk away from my desk three times before I could finish reading the post!

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