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Maskless Batman = Bruce Wayne Costume?

batman mask craftfail

Gotham’s craft halls are crying out for a crusader. A craft crusader who is capable of creating a halfway decent-looking Batman mask.

Batman craftfails seem to be a huge trend this year (and by huge trend, we mean two in a row). I dollar store crafted up an Adam West-era Batman costume for my two year-old son this year.

First of all, this is a costume for a two year-old. Most two year-olds won’t keep a mask on anyway. Definitely not a full hood like Batman wears!

batman mask fail

I tried to mock up a full Batman hood out of an old t-shirt and scraps of a dollar store fleece blanket. I was too lazy to get my sewing machine out for the mockup, so I hot glued this baby together (including the uneven bat ears and the non-eye-reaching mask with misshapen eye holes).

The hood doesn’t work at all on my five year old model, but even on the two year-old, the fit of this hood was a bit of a stretch.

I thought maybe I should go simpler for my toddler, since he wouldn’t wear the hood for more than two seconds. So, I tried a plain mask that went around his head with a piece of elastic.

batman mask craftfail

Again with the misshapen eye holes.

final batman mask fail

My final mask is the one I presented with the project tutorial, but the truth is that it was a fail too. My son wouldn’t wear it after I snapped this one picture of him. The mask squished his nose down flat like a pancake. I tried to bend a crease in the mask to allow his little nosey some space, but it didn’t really work.

This Halloween, Batman just went maskless. Kind of defeats the whole point, huh?

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