Who Let this Mask Out of the Batcave?

I have made several attempts to make my son a bat-child licensed character(TM) mask to go with the cool cape his Tutu made for him, and what can I say? I suck.
batman mask craftfail
Really, it’s okay. Laugh. It looks terrible. This is attempt no. 2, and it is just plain awful. He can’t breathe, the elastic pushes down his ears, I screwed up zig-zagging the eye holes, which are lopsided, so there are loose threads {everywhere}…
My poor boy has been trying for a week to wear this to the grocery store, and I have no excuse not to let him, other than I don’t want to admit that I {made} that thing!
But he {really} wants a mask.
It is apparently easier to fight crime when no one knows your true identity. Or something.
Reprinted with permission
by Amberlou, The Paisley Cupcake

3 Responses to Who Let this Mask Out of the Batcave?

  1. amanda_1981 says:

    That’s awesome. I think the elastic ear thing only makes him more mysterious. ;) Maybe you should make one for yourself too, so nobody knows who made it. ROFLMAO

  2. Alexis says:

    Oh man, this is so great. I can honestly say that I would have worn this proudly on Halloween. It craftfails, but in an unbelievably charming way!

  3. Jeanie says:

    I love it just the way it is but if you do try one more time… use felt and you won’t have to finish around the eyes.

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