You Little Turkey!

My sis-in-law, Alyssa, made these little babies and gave me permission to share them. SCORE! =)

turkey food fail

Here’s her original Facebook post: ” …i only found the exact instructions AFTER i made these little beauties so i had to wing it…:S

I think we decided that they were Turkuins. (a.k.a. evil penguin-turkeys).  i just might have to redeem myself next year.”

inspiration turkeys: Wants & Wishes

3 Responses to You Little Turkey!

  1. Constanza says:

    This is my new favourite website!
    I’ve been laughing for hours hahahaha!!!

  2. atlanka says:

    Is this offencive to the ppl who made it?

  3. @atlanka, I think you are asking if we have permission to post this person’s fail? The answer is YES! We never make fun of people without their blessing.

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