At Christmas, everyone suddenly thinks they’re Martha Stewart

microwave divinity

Inspiration Image: Microwave Divinity, from MADE

So, I have never attempted making any kind of candy before. When I saw a microwave recipe for Peppermint Divinity, I thought I can handle this!

As you can see, I nailed it.

microwave candy craft fail

As the cashier at JoAnn’s told me last week: “At Christmas, everyone suddenly thinks they’re Martha Stewart.”

christmas martha stewart

From: Heather

microwave candy nailed it

p.s. thanks to MADE for the inspiration, and Katie Evans Photography for the recipe

4 Responses to At Christmas, everyone suddenly thinks they’re Martha Stewart

  1. Serena says:

    I know why they turned out like sludge! It has to do with the humidity. The humidity has to be at 60% or below (something like that) or else they turn into sludge puddles. Trust me, we’ve made them both ways, and they taste fine either way :)

  2. Corina says:

    Yes, you want dry air. Don’t run your dishes or dishwasher ether, no draft’s… And a temp on the candy temp of 260 is a must. But a good way to ensure you have nice and dry air inside is to have a Dehumidifier – works like a charm every time.
    Don’t give up, give it another go. You’ll do great !

  3. Sarah says:

    I’m glad to know I’m not the only one that failed at divinity! I tried making it – not in a microwave though – for my aunt last year. It turned out as the same puddles!

  4. kater says:

    I think they resemble speech bubbles. You could place them near gingerbread men with phrases like “Nailed it!” spelled out in Alpha-Bits cereal on them. Another craft project!

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