Pinterest Fails: Edible Candy Bowl

edible candy bowl

Inspiration: Dollar Store Mom's Edible Candy Bowl

I was hoping to create an edible candy dish that would impress my family and amaze my friends. Looked easy enough… melt candy canes and crushed ribbon candy in the oven; remove, flip, form into bowl shape. Voilà!

There are no words to describe the monstrosity I pulled out of the oven.

pinterest fail: edible candy bowl

From: Janet

edible candy bowl pinterest fail

Why, Pinterest, why?

edible candy bowl nailed it


3 Responses to Pinterest Fails: Edible Candy Bowl

  1. Ayshaday says:

    Actually, I like yours better than the inspiration piece. You can identify the candy canes.

  2. Jess says:

    My husband looked at it and said “It looks like meatloaf wrapped in candy canes”.
    Nailed it.

  3. breanna says:

    what’s hilarious to me about this is that my edible candle bowl WAS a craft fail! I was trying to make those candy trays that have been all over pinterest, and it was an EPIC fail….it was a split second decision to see what would happen if i let it cool over a bowl. one chick’s fail is another chicks…um…new fail?

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