Pinterest Gone Wrong: Melted Crayon Art

melted crayon art nailed it

Welcome to this week’s edition of Pinterest Projects Gone Wrong. One of the most popular projects that has swept Pinterest is the Melted Crayon Art piece. In this project, you attach crayons to a canvas and then systematically melt them while the canvas is tipped up. The melting wax flows gracefully down the canvas and creates a neat melty colorful effect. Then you put it on your wall and call it art! [inspiration photo: Meg Duerksen]

What could possibly go wrong??

Well, depending on the way you decide to melt it, lots of things! For instance, do not attempt to melt crayons in the hot sun, and your hot car may or may not work, but using the oven, running crayons through a glue gun, or melting with a hair dryer or heat gun is probably okay. Well, depending on how hard your hair dryer blows!

Your crayon brand choice makes a difference too! Redditor Katiedid tested out Rose Art vs. Crayola crayons on a canvas in the sun:

rose art vs crayola melted crayo art

I don’t think we need to test out the dollar store crayons you were totally gonna use for this project! Admit it!

Don’t forget that crayon color choice figures in heavily to your final melted crayon art design too.

craft fail poo crayon

Note to self: avoid grouping a series of brown crayons, or else you might just get Explosive Poo Melted Crayon Art.

First photo: via Know Your Meme

35 Responses to Pinterest Gone Wrong: Melted Crayon Art

  1. Brittany Kavanagh says:

    And to think, I was mad because I just couldnt get mine to stay hot glued! Thanks for cracking me up today!

  2. ira lee says:

    i did this project a long time ago. i also saw it on pinterest. i had no trouble out of mine. next time, leave the hair dryer on the hottest setting, but on low. the wax wont blow all over the place if the air coming out is a bit slower. and i went up and down the crayon, melting the whole crayon, not just the bottom section. when you get all the colors melted out of the paper, then you can move the heat down into the melted part. i think all that i just typed makes no sense at all. maybe you can understand the gibberish!!!!!

  3. emily says:

    lol funny hahah

  4. Wow, what a dissaster, pretty colors but a little messy. LOL

  5. Tarere Thatcher says:

    Brilliant. Made my day in every way. And your right. I was soooo going to use dollar shop crayons. :)

  6. Amy Petz says:

    Just found your blog. Thanks for the laughs, and a place to send my next fail! Keep up the good work!

  7. Anonyvox says:

    This is one I’ve really wanted to try, but I’m not willing to shell out the bank to ruin good Crayolas. That, and my fail with ironing crayon shavings onto canvas has made me more cautious!

  8. emily says:

    When I did this, it worked really, really well. I used crayola, and I taped them onto the canvas first and actually started blow drying it laying down so that the crayons would actually stick to the canvas before I started melting them down the canvas. Then I tipped it on it’s side and began melting, just a few crayons at a time so the colors don’t mix together and turn brown :)

  9. Peyton says:

    Use a hair dryer!

  10. Jessica says:

    I super glued mine to the canvas and used the low setting on the hair dryer – turned out nicely :)

  11. Shaikha says:

    can i use this melting techq on an oil painting?

  12. Kaycee says:

    who ever did these art works did not do it right because u don’t tape the crayons and you leave them in the sun.. I would know i have done many of them

  13. Chelsey says:

    i tried this before and it turned out great i even gave it to my aunt as a wedding present now it is hanging in her kitchen

  14. Lydia says:

    Yeah… I have learned–the hard way–that no matter how much you think you can get away with using Rose Art materials for your project, you can’t. Many a time I have thought to myself, “I’ll just buy the Rose Art version. It’s cheaper, and honestly, how can they mess up (insert art supply here)”, and every time, they found a way. Numerous projects and activities have been irrevocably ruined because I made the mistake of not shelling out the extra 50 cents for Crayola or Elmers.

  15. Tinkerlou says:

    A heat gun works pretty well too… but then again… considering you’re typical pattern of fails… you might just end up with third degree burns and a fire!

  16. Suzanne says:

    I actually made one for my dad this weekend. It was a little intimidating at first and I chose a heart pattern and used electrical tape to put the crayons down.

    I used a heat gun but if you get to close to the crayons you will still have splatters from that. I also found that you have to wiggle the canvas in several directions to get the crayons where you want them to “run”.

    And last, I found Crayola crayons at Walmart for $.50 a box of 24. Back to school time is the best time to find this. Otherwise, I would have spent $2.99/box.

  17. Isabella says:

    Hahaha the first one was hilarious! I laughed so much..thank you craftfail. Omg

  18. amandarose says:

    I used a hot glue gun, cut the time in half and had control over where i want a particular color. I bought acheap one from pamida and its great when i do crayon art for gifts. Hope thats a good new idea for you!!!!!

  19. Steph says:

    I am trying to do this right now and made the mistake of taking all the paper off the crayons so I’m having trouble keeping them attached to cardboard or the canvas! One thing I recommend, look on AMAZON for some Crayolas. I bought a 120 pack of Crayola for under $7.

  20. Amanda says:

    Since it’s back to school season Wal-Mart has the 24pk Crayola crayons on sale for $0.50 a pack. Great time to try the project with the good crayons!

  21. Meechelle says:

    …and I thought I was just a F*ck up. Glad to know that the Pinterest stuff doesn’t work for everyone.

  22. jagriti says:

    Plz let me no how to paste the colours on canvas

  23. Spacefrog says:

    I just did this with my kids… I actually looked up “crayon art gone wrong” the day before we did it and found this. :D

    We used cheapie crayons from a dollar store and it went well – you just have to be careful how you aim the hairdryer so the colours don’t run together too much. And don’t hold it too close to avoid splatter. I think that’s part of what went wrong in the video above?

    Gonna try Crayola brand soon, unfortunately where we are I can only get 24-packs.

    Love this website, I will check back often as I can relate to many of the craft fails on here! :P

  24. RObin says:

    That is totally how mine would have turned out too!

  25. Jose says:

    Lol so my mother rented out our old house and the previous renters daughter attempted this on THE WALL and failed miserably it looks like kesha sharted against it! I had to share.

  26. Marielle says:

    Well I did it last year with my 4 years old students. No problem with it. And it was beautiful!

  27. Jill says:

    Walmart has the Crayloa Melting Crayons and Crayola Cavanses on sale cheap, as part of the after Christmas Sale.. The boxes of crayons come in complimentary colors… Like Magenta, Cloud Burst, Sunburst and so one… Work the best of all.

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  33. lizzie says:

    My fail with this “internet craft form” was with glass ornaments. That sounded easy enough too and having failed with the paint marbelizing and glass ornaments (looked good at first but most of the paint sunk to the bottom a week after I thought they were dry), I had some extra glass balls on hand. Instructions said to break/crack a few different colors of crayons into small bits into a clear glass ornament, heat with hair dryer, swirl around the melted wax, get great looking colorful abstract ornaments. Easy? NOT! I used Crayolas (bright light blue, yellow,and red) but after a little heating, the wax “clumps” just sat there threatening to blend into a solid puddle that was a horrid color. (Never knew combining ANY 3 colors apparently can turn into brown) Turned my dryer on extra high, and all that melted were my fingers from trying to manipulate a hot glass ball. Finally, after nearly an hour of fiddling, I got a few streaks of see-through color here and there but nothing like I wanted (and nothing like the tutorial showed.) Tried shaking the ball to separate the remaining small crayon pieces. Apparently, the “puddle” had become pretty solid and had some weight and mass to it or else the glass was superheated because the ball then broke. Cut my hand. I had lots of nice red color then.

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