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Pinterest Gone Wrong: Melted Crayon Art

melted crayon art nailed it

Welcome to this week’s edition of Pinterest Projects Gone Wrong. One of the most popular projects that has swept Pinterest is the Melted Crayon Art piece. In this project, you attach crayons to a canvas and then systematically melt them while the canvas is tipped up. The melting wax flows gracefully down the canvas and creates a neat melty colorful effect. Then you put it on your wall and call it art! [inspiration photo: Meg Duerksen]

What could possibly go wrong??

Well, depending on the way you decide to melt it, lots of things! For instance, do not attempt to melt crayons in the hot sun, and your hot car may or may not work, but using the oven, running crayons through a glue gun, or melting with a hair dryer or heat gun is probably okay. Well, depending on how hard your hair dryer blows!

Your crayon brand choice makes a difference too! Redditor Katiedid tested out Rose Art vs. Crayola crayons on a canvas in the sun:

rose art vs crayola melted crayo art

I don’t think we need to test out the dollar store crayons you were totally gonna use for this project! Admit it!

Don’t forget that crayon color choice figures in heavily to your final melted crayon art design too.

craft fail poo crayon

Note to self: avoid grouping a series of brown crayons, or else you might just get Explosive Poo Melted Crayon Art.

First photo: via Know Your Meme

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