Snowflake Cookies – Nailed It

christmas cookie - nailed it

Betty Crocker makes it so easy with her Sugar Cookie mix… just add a couple ingredients, mix, and wow! Could not be easier!

Too bad Betty doesn’t decorate the cookies for you too!

Christmas Cookies… nailed it.

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2 Responses to Snowflake Cookies – Nailed It

  1. Robin says:

    I LOVED looking up pictures on the internet and trying to copy the fancy snowflake cookie designs! No, we didn’t QUITE nail it, but we got SO MUCH CLOSER than those! LOL (Oh, and if the pic actually works, just ignore my funky looking cookie sheet. I promise, it was clean!)

    snowflake cookies

  2. jodi.degeorge says:

    You decorated really pretty, almost concealed the fact that they were cooked pretty thoroughly ! LOL!

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