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Pinterest Fail: Paint Chip Art Gone Unstuck

paint chip art

project inspiration: paint chip art by The Crafty Scientist

This is supposedly the easiest, no brainer diy art ever, right — colorful paint chip art. Glue down pieces of paper. Kindergartners do this on a regular basis.

I, however, could not pull it off.

Surely some substitutions wouldn’t ruin the whole thing.

My critical error was using a restickable glue stick instead of the regular kind. I was impatient, didn’t want to go buy the right kind of glue, and, it’s just going in a frame behind glass, how much durability did it need anyway?

Things started shifting and falling off soon after I finished gluing.

paint chip art fail

I had put a design on top that I decided I didn’t like (you can see where the glue smudges are) and I thought I could easily rip off. Not. Several pieces came off with it. And at that point I knew it was all over.

Well I was so mad I just threw the whole thing away, lol. I probably will try again, this time with the right kind of glue, and planning my design a little better!

From: Alyssa @ MyCleverNest

paint chip art nailed it

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