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Who doesn’t feel weak in the knees when smelling the delicious aroma of fresh baked cinnamon rolls…?  Who hasn’t struggled with their will-power when walking past a Cinnabon Store…?

Chanele saw gorgeous pictures of Cinnabon Style Cinnamon rolls all over Pinterest, was feeling adventurous and decided to take on the challenge.   She spent hours in the kitchen baking this treat and when she pulled them out of the oven, this was the result of all her hard work.

cinnabun fail

er, maybe they still tasted good..?

God bless her, those poor cinnamon rolls look like something that went under a porch to quietly  curl up and die.


inspiration photo: thanks to theSeafarer, licensed via creative commons

3 Responses to CinnaBombed

  1. Lori says:

    I say “Good job for attempting this”. The truth is you are closer to getting it right than you think. Your primary problem is just that your pan is too big. The rolls need to touch each other pretty closely during baking in order to hold their shape. Your pan had enough room to let them unwrap themselves and then all their goodies ran out the bottom. Don’t be afraid to try again with a smaller pan.

  2. Mandy H says:

    My husband used to work for Cinnabon. He says” you need to let the dough proof, and then they will get bigger until they are touching. Then cook them.” Personally I would get a can of pre-made dough and icing in the cold section of the grocery store by the rolls etc. :)

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