There’s No Way To Mend a Broken Heart Pendant

Valentine’s Day crafting should be easy and fun. I mean, it’s just hearts. Heart projects aren’t hard, right?


I started a Valentine’s Day series this year, but with a new twist – all the projects have to include aqua, my favorite shade of blue. “I’ll show all you pink and red Valentine’s Day people! You will bow to my aqua heart crafts!” I absolutely love Mod Podge Dimensional Magic and Martha Stewart microbeads, so I decided to merge the two into some fun heart pendants. The picture in my mind was definitely different than what resulted.

Exhibit A – Pendant on the right with a white background. The white showed through the beads, which I didn’t like – and apparently I didn’t use enough Mod Podge, because the beads started crumbling off. I decided to try again.

Exhibit B – Pendant on the left got a basecoat of aqua before the beads. “Victorious!” I thought. Then the Dimensional Magic was applied to the top. The result? A surface very similar to the Martian river beds. The texture isn’t good, and it certainly doesn’t look good.

Amy = 0
Ugly heart pendants = 1

martian river beds

6 Responses to There’s No Way To Mend a Broken Heart Pendant

  1. kena says:

    How is it suppose to look?

  2. Kena – it’s supposed to have a smooth surface :D

  3. Amy says:

    I actually really like the one on the left. The texture makes me think of circuit boards.

  4. Katie says:

    I like the one on the left, too!

  5. Elizabeth says:

    I think you should definitely give a nice tutorial for the “Martian rivers” one. If you don’t like it with the heart, it is definitely a beautiful texture to use with other colours/designs. Maybe a splash would look very pretty. Anyhow I love the different colours of paint.

  6. Ingeru says:

    I really like the Martian rivers one too! I love the texture. I’m sorry it’s not what your head thought you wanted, but I would call this a ‘win’.

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