DIY Liquid Hand Soap Disposal Cleaner

easy diy handsoap

inspiration: dollar store mom

Who wouldn’t want to make their own DIY hand soap for FREE like in this recipe at Dollar Store Mom: Make Liquid Hand Soap. It sounded so simple… just two ingredients.

Vicky tried and tried to get this recipe to work. Used a commercial bar of soap, followed the recipe. It never thickened. Read several blogs that suggested adding salt as a thickener. Vicky added salt three different times. All that happened was a gross white foam on top. Used blender after each addition of salt.

liquid hand soap fail

Kept this stuff on the kitchen counter for 5 days. Foaming stuff on top, gallon of water below. Poured it down the disposal. :(

DIY hand soap - nailed it

8 Responses to DIY Liquid Hand Soap Disposal Cleaner

  1. neeka says:

    I never understood this, you can get hand soap AT the dollar store for a DOLLAR. How on earth is it worth the hassle & dishes to make your own??

  2. aurelas says:

    I agree completely. And you can do even better by getting the great big bottles and refilling your handsoap container…I just can’t see that this is worth the time, money, and effort, even if it does work.

  3. Erica says:

    I think the point when making it yourself is you know what’s going in it, a lot of soap have very basic ingredients where liquid soaps have a bunch of additives.

    Also, you can get more soap (volume) with a bar than you can with liquid.

  4. FincheyStrange says:

    Hahahaha, I did this once! After all my hard work (and stinking up the kitchen for about three days afterwards), I was “rewarded” with slightly-slimy soap that clogged the soap dispenser. My little brother actually gave me a dollar so I could “buy some proper soap” from the dollar store. It was a sad/ridiculous day indeed :(

  5. Elisa says:

    I actually did this successfully. Mostly because I like to know what I’m washing my hands with. My trick was to mix everything in my Kitchenaide after it had set for 24 hours to make sure everything was evenly distributed. It hasn’t re-separated, or clogged my soap dispenser. I made about 1.5 gallons for I think about $1.75.

  6. I tried this and I have a gallon jug of sludge that looks like some type of inappropriate body fluid. I have been using it anyway since I hate to waste it, but it barely lathers and leaves a horrible soap film in the bottom of my sink.

  7. Carrie says:

    I tried this once and had the opposite effect- as the “liquid” cooled it gelled like a gelatin mold, and I kept reheating it and adding more water, and it came out like this weird slimy mucus, and once I put it into the bottles, it sort of came through the pump, but eventually became a semi-solid mass that would never pour out of the bottle again. Might be fun for kids, though, washing their hands with “mucus”…

  8. Kat says:

    I’m guessing the issue people are having is that they are using detergent bars rather than soap bars. Most of the stuff in the store is actually detergent, *not* soap and won’t work in this recipe.

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