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Martha Lied

martha lied


Ever try a Martha Stewart craft project, and 3 hours later, all you have is a huge mess and a lot of broken dreams? Us either, we were just asking.

Here’s a First World Martha Problem for you: “I made that Martha Stewart Craft… Martha totally lied about it being a good thing.”

Check out our other Martha Projects Gone Wrong, and don’t forget to snap a pic in the unlikely event that you fail at a Martha craft!

5 Responses to Martha Lied

  1. Elysapeth says:

    A wise woman and fellow crafter once told me Martha has a whole team of peons to stage things for her. When you try it, you are on your own.

  2. Linda says:

    I know someone who used to work with people over there with Martha and guess what, she leaves out steps/ingredients with everything she publishes….so yeah she lies!!!!

  3. ElmoLikesBread says:

    wow, Martha is a big meanie then.

  4. ElmoLikesBread says:

    that awkward moment when your comment is 20 months after the previous one…

  5. @elmolikesbread – bwah hahahahha! I still appreciate your comment, even 20 months later. :O)

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