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Mess Free Toddler Painting — What could possibly go wrong?

Toddler finger painting inspiration

inspiration: the Hippie Housewife - click photo for instructions

Any parent of toddlers knows that when a craft can be mess-free, that’s awesomesauce. Jasmine from I Am Moms sure thought so, when she came across this great Mess-Free Toddler Painting Activity at The Hippie Housewife (by way of Pinterest, of course!) The kiddo gets to feel like he is painting, but the icky squishy paint is encased in a plastic bag, and therefore, the mess is contained.

What could possibly go wrong?

toddler paint fail

Have YOU ever tried to set up a nice, neat activity for a toddler? Like in Jurassic Park, life finds a way… to make a mess.

In the account of I am Mom Attempts a Pinterest Craft: Jasmine wrote: “When we presented this to I Am Toddler, he wanted to pick up the paper and shake the entire unit around.  That threatened to detach the bag from the background paper.”

mess free paint fail

What do you think? Did Jasmine Nail it??

toddler painting nailed it

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