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Pinterest Fail: Melted Crayon Art

melted crayon art

inspiration: avant garde melted crayon art by momtastic

I love Pinterest, but you have to admit there is a strong element of “Buyer Beware” involved in some of the inspirational images. Some craft ideas look awesome but are expertly photographed and performed by professional artisans, but when I attempt them, it becomes evident that I am incompetent.

I recently attempted a hula hoop rug project, with disastrous results. Twice.

Today I’d like to talk to you about a different project:

Avant Garde Melted Crayon Art

Fail, by Anonyvox

Here’s one Junior Vox and I tried this weekend: canvases “painted” by shaving crayons onto them, which are then gently ironed while protected with a sheet of wax paper.

See how the one in the picture looks like some kind of cool batik fabric? Ours don’t look anything at all like that. I have no idea how they got that effect; ours look like your seat covers after you’ve had a box of crayons sitting in the car on a hot summer day, where the greenhouse effect causes the inside temperature to get to 450 degrees. It’s a big, waxy blob.

melted crayon art fail

I am still having a ball with Pinterest in my life. It’s better to try and fail than never try at all, right? And whether anyone reads them or not, I do re-pin the projects I have tried and have given them a review. Maybe that’ll help weed out the failures–I don’t know.

melted crayon art fail nailed it

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