Hello Shark Cupcakes… and Goodbye.

shark cupcake inspiration

Inspiration: From the Book "Hello Cupcake" Click to Purchase from Amazon

After picking up the book “Hello Cupcake,” Bethany at Monson Photography made a bunch of cupcakes. From sunflowers, to owls, and finally… “the piece de’ resistance were our sharks.”

shark cupcakes

These shark cupcakes are three-dimensional and all. How do you make them? The body is a cut-up twinkie dipped in melted grey frosting. As in, Bethany had to stick the twinkie on the cupcake and dip the whole thing, UPSIDE-DOWN, in melted frosting. Try it. THEN you can laugh at her.

Some did not fare too well during this process,

hello shark goodbye

What do you think? Did Bethany Nail it??

saw a shark nailed it

11 Responses to Hello Shark Cupcakes… and Goodbye.

  1. vanessa says:

    Aww poor sharks. I honestly think they are awesome though!

  2. Awesomemom says:

    I call shenanigans on the original picture, it totally looks like those sharks are made from fondant.

  3. Bethany says:

    Ha! Thanks Vanessa! :)

  4. Dibba says:

    I agree with Awesomemom. No way can you make the originals from these instructions. The originals are definitely fondant.

  5. Michelle says:

    Haha,I love your sharks. But, I don’t agree that the original is fondant. Look at the picture, it’s too thin. They do it by heating up the icing so it’s nice and melty. I made the penguins in the Hello, Cupcake book and they came out fantastic! My friends loved them.

  6. Sue says:

    Getting ready to go to lunch with a friend & saw this site with the sharks….going now to reapply eye makeup.

  7. Viv says:

    Love it! I took a cupcake class with the Hello Cupcake authors…we made the duck that you dip in the melted frosting…came out great but I had no desire to eat it. Good try Bethany, Thanks for the giggle. :)

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