Trainwreck Cake

train cake

inspiration: betty crocker train cake

From: Michelle B.
Subject: Train Cake? More like train wreck!

One of my best friends told me that she had always wanted to get a train cake for her birthday when she was younger, but she never had. I thought it’d be great if I could make her dream come true still, so when her birthday rolled around, I recruited my boyfriend to help me make this Betty Crocker train cake recipe that I found.

Firstly, we accidentally got a “light and airy” cake mix, which made frosting and cutting it without it falling apart a big problem! Also, we were using a college dorm kitchen, so we didn’t have much to work with. We ended up just throwing frosting on and sticking the parts together that had fallen apart and gingerly tried to get them to balance on the pan wall (a free-standing train was a vision of the past).

trainwreck cake

It was a lot of fun, at least!

train cake nailed it

9 Responses to Trainwreck Cake

  1. Mary Bergeron says:

    Those college students are very resourceful. I’m sure your friend LOVED it!
    Looks good enough to eat – sort of.

  2. California Callie says:

    I really love cakes! and it’s funny and amazing that you created it in a train like look, that my son loves to play. it made me wonder, what if I will have it on one of his birthday.Right now I can already figure out how happy and amaze he will be!

  3. Wendy says:

    We made a cake like this for my son’s 2nd birthday using the betty crocker as an inspiration and it turned out fantastic!

  4. Dibba says:

    That is awesome! I would love your cake for my birthday over and above the original any day!

  5. Taylor says:

    It’s like these people don’t even try!

  6. Sarah says:

    When I saw that cake I laughed so hard I cried… Thanks for the laugh! (I once attempted a gingerbread train that was just as ugly!)

  7. Diana says:

    I love you, this Train Cake/Wreck is so funny, I’m gonna d i e ? Thank you.

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