Turkey Cake Pops… Gobbled It

turkey pops fail

inspiration: bakerella

Lindsay decided to go all out in November and impress her classmates with these creative Turkey Cake Pops. Things went haywire from the beginning when they burnt an entire bag of chocolate chips and couldn’t get any of the details to stick to the frosting. They turned out looking like a Kindergarten craft project, but still tasted great!

turkey cake pops

The best thing about food fails is that you can eat the evidence!

food fails

Thanks Bakerella, for the inspiration! We loved your Sesame Street Cake Pops too!


3 Responses to Turkey Cake Pops… Gobbled It

  1. amanda_1981 says:

    This is my favorite fail ever. LOL Those are awesome! I bet they still tasted really good! :D

  2. _mama_ says:

    Ahh,so glad I’m not the only one to struggle with these. Here are mine. They took an obscene amount of time to look decent, and yet the turkeys still came out looking like they knew Thanksgiving was coming and they were terrified they were about to be stuffed and baked. The melted chocolate was extremely lumpy, ran when I tried to set the turkeys down, and any hope of giving them some pretzel legs was quickly tossed out the window. “Mommy, why do the turkeys look like they are melting?”


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