Ombre Cake Fail in Green

green ombre cake

green ombre cake - inspiration photo by Hot & Chili

Reader Liz  wanted to make one of these awesome multi-layered, multi-colored ombre cakes like the one from Hot & Chili.

“Turns out you need to use at least two boxes of cake mix and two cans of frosting otherwise you’ll get uneven, thin layers that you can’t cut to even out.”

ombre cake nailed it

It still tasted good, though!

food fails

The whole story in pinnable form:

ombre cake fail for pinterest

6 Responses to Ombre Cake Fail in Green

  1. F Saunders says:

    I think I like the colours in the fail cake more than the colours in the original cake.

  2. Dibba says:

    No fail here – your cake still looks a thousand times better than anything I would make :)

  3. Earendil says:

    The fail cake looks like each layer was cooked separate where as the top one looks like they just layered all in the same pan.

    Either way, Doesn’t Matter, Had Cake!

  4. Melanie says:

    I have made an ombre cake after seeing one on Pinterest and did not have this problem. The pin I followed used 6-inch cake pans; I used 5-inch. I needed way less than one box of cake mix to make 6 layers, though I did need 1.5 cans of frosting.

  5. nicole says:

    I can tell from your picture that you simply layered the cakes you baked… thats where you went wrong. I’ve made these kinds of cakes dozens of times. I never make a simple yellow cake anymore.

    Here’s the scoop:
    First, if you’re doing more than 3 colors, do AT LEAST a double batch!
    first, mix according to package and separate into separate bowls for however many colors you want. color them amply. Now there’s two ways you can do the next step. You can layer a few colors in a pan, or do each color separate. Either way, be sure to spread cake batter VERY evenly in pan. If you’re doing a single color put just slightly more batter on edges because the middle will rise more than edges. If you’re doing multiple colors in each pan remember that when you pour the next color in the middle of the pan it will push the colors below it out toward the edges as it spreads out.

    bake until done (it won’t necessarily follow box directions because of variable thickness)

    before you layer you cake you need to trim EACH layer. This is especially important if you did each color separate and have more than two layers. Set the cake on a flat surface and using a very long serrated blad knife trim the puffy middle of the cake so it is flat.

    then ice between each layer, again making sure you get them very even or else cake will ‘droop’ wherever it is shallow. If the edges are shorter than the middle of the cake even after some trimming you will need to put a thicker layer of icing on the edge to hold the next layer even. Repeat this process making sure each layer is even before adding the next!

    Here’s a rainbow cake I made using two boxed mixes, 3 colors per box/layer:

  6. Franziska says:

    It’s fine if you want to use box mix, but don’t ever bother trying to make a nice cake with canned frosting. It’s way too thin for this kind of thing. Homemade buttercream will hold up a lot better because you can adjust the thickness. Tastes better too.

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