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Pinterest Fail: Hair Chalking

hair chalking inspiration

This fetching photo has been pinned and repinned bazillions of times on Pinterest. Who doesn’t want to have rainbow colored hair that only lasts for three washes? No commitment, and uses a supply you can easily get at your local arts and crafts store? Yes, please. Hair chalking – a project first found at Erika Worzel – is definitely a pin for the Pinterest hall of fame.

According to the Pinterest Fail Board, where this project has been pinned three times for not being exactly what it seems, “Hair chalking. Damages hair and clothing.”

Little Girl hair chalking

Hair Chalking by Cute Girl Hairstyles


Hair Chalking Fail by Lovely Liar on Deviant Art

Lovely Liar on Deviant Art tried it and her report: “it DOES work… but i tried to do like.. the whole front half of my head.. and now it wont do anything.. lol i cant even brush it. its like trying to brush a broom… oh well…”

Duyenosaurus on Tumblr said:

Well hair chalking was a complete FAIL for me.
My hair was so dry today from it! It felt sticky and it resembles hay. I just use clarifying shampoo and it got most of the stickiness out. But this whole mess was my fault since I kept touching my hair when my hand had chalk all over it.
In other words, if your hair was as dry like mine before the chalking, you should reconsider the idea. Also, don’t wet your hair if it’s light like I did or it WILL stain-

Senecacranesexybeard said: “Tip: use a SMALL piece of hair. If you us anything remotely big it will tangle your hair, and you will lose some hair.”

Bright-shining-stars said, “Hair chalking is kind of a mess, it coloured half of my bathroom when I washed my hair. ”

So… beware that hair chalking might not be as awesome as it seems!

Have you tried hair chalking? Would you try it?


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