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Pinterest Fail: Hair Chalking

hair chalking inspiration

This fetching photo has been pinned and repinned bazillions of times on Pinterest. Who doesn’t want to have rainbow colored hair that only lasts for three washes? No commitment, and uses a supply you can easily get at your local arts and crafts store? Yes, please. Hair chalking – a project first found at Erika Worzel – is definitely a pin for the Pinterest hall of fame.

According to the Pinterest Fail Board, where this project has been pinned three times for not being exactly what it seems, “Hair chalking. Damages hair and clothing.”

Little Girl hair chalking

Hair Chalking by Cute Girl Hairstyles


Hair Chalking Fail by Lovely Liar on Deviant Art

Lovely Liar on Deviant Art tried it and her report: “it DOES work… but i tried to do like.. the whole front half of my head.. and now it wont do anything.. lol i cant even brush it. its like trying to brush a broom… oh well…”

Duyenosaurus on Tumblr said:

Well hair chalking was a complete FAIL for me.
My hair was so dry today from it! It felt sticky and it resembles hay. I just use clarifying shampoo and it got most of the stickiness out. But this whole mess was my fault since I kept touching my hair when my hand had chalk all over it.
In other words, if your hair was as dry like mine before the chalking, you should reconsider the idea. Also, don’t wet your hair if it’s light like I did or it WILL stain-

Senecacranesexybeard said: “Tip: use a SMALL piece of hair. If you us anything remotely big it will tangle your hair, and you will lose some hair.”

Bright-shining-stars said, “Hair chalking is kind of a mess, it coloured half of my bathroom when I washed my hair. ”

So… beware that hair chalking might not be as awesome as it seems!

Have you tried hair chalking? Would you try it?


30 Responses to Pinterest Fail: Hair Chalking

  1. Noadi says:

    There are an abundant number of temporary ways to color hair that washes out and isn’t chalk. There are hair markers and temporary dyes that are made for it and koolaid is a classic for being cheap and easy for kids to do (I know I used it frequently as a kid before my mom decided I was old enough to use real dyes safely). Chalk is a natural absorber of moisture so of course it’s going to dry out your hair.

  2. jenn says:

    I too tried this.

    I saw it on pinterest a few months ago, and thought, even “I” could do that! I have blonde, pin straight, soft, very fine hair and thought,

    “oh, I will surprise my husband for date night and look all spunky/fashionista (which I am total opposite).”

    So I set out on a mission to find the correct chalk at Michaels. Got home, carefully picked out three different colors and was SO excited to try something so ‘cool/different and EASY’. Um, yeah right!

    So like the instructions said, I did it in small chunks. As I said above, I chose THREE different colors of chalk. I couldn’t tell one color from another and my hair was a hot mess.

    Like I said, I have soft VERY fine hair, but tons of hair. My hair turned into a hot mess and I looked like an 80’s prom queen. Meaning that it looked teased and like I had used an entire bottle of aqua net. I couldn’t even break it up with my fingers.

    I had NO choice but to take a 2nd shower and clean that shit right out of my blonde locks!

  3. Brinn says:

    Chalk is incredibly drying. I used pastel crayons on my hair and it worked like a charm.

  4. Julie says:

    Colored eye shadow works REALLY WELL and doesn’t make your hair gunky the way the pastels do. And it washes right out!

    Dirty hair or hair with some product works the best!;postID=6319625363277538697

  5. Jiliian says:

    If you want to try “hair chalking” try a salon product from kevin murphy. Its a little expensive but works amazing and washes out better.

  6. Tine says:

    I was reading the comments on the page, loved the one that said “Artist pastels can be highly toxic and bad to breath in”.

  7. Dalia says:

    SO BAD !!!
    it makes my hair DRY !!!!!
    i’m sorry really for trying this !!

  8. LauraChristine says:

    there’s a difference between Soft Pastels and Oil Pastels. do NOT use oil pastels.

  9. Carrie says:

    Ouch! When I was a teen, I would use washable Crayola markers- take a small lock of hair and slide it between your thumb and the marker tip- you’d wind up with a colored thumb, but you’d have a streak in your hair till you washed it (you’d need to wear a dark colored shirt, and your hair would have to be light enough to show the color, but otherwise it was great)

  10. annie says:

    Jenn’s comment was omg funny!!!!!! I have Macaw birds , as I was laughing so VERY hard at your comment the birds behind me felt it was their duty to join in.. in a matter of moments, we had a laugh fest.. THANK YOU!!! :) ?

  11. LizLauren says:

    I have used oil pastels and they work great on my hair. I wet my hair and the oil pastels and rub them downward on my hair. I have oretty dark brown hair and they still show up. Mine dont really get on my clothes or even my pillow at night. I have had a great time using them.

  12. sydney says:

    of course it wont work on dark hair…

  13. Kace says:

    I tried the chalking and it failed :o( I was so disappointed because i did a bunch of little ends different colors and once i applied the heat they felt disgusting and my hair looked like a rat’s nest. I’m not sure if I will try it again but i am going to buy color.bug, if the celebs use it it must work right?

  14. D says:

    I just checked the site and she clearly states “…hair coloring technique using soft wax pastels ( like the crayon, not really chalk)” So maaaaybe that’s what the problem is. The nam should be Hair waxing, not chalking!

  15. nicole says:

    A product called “color bug” (which we sell at our salon) is a great mess free, easy to use product. They run about $15.00! Everyone at the salon loves them and no complaints from anyone who has used them.

  16. macy says:

    i love hiar chalking but i agree it does leave your hair dry so just cut a peice of the chalk then put it in water for half an hour the mash it up then let it sit for a day then get a small paint brush and paint your hair it looks so real!!!

  17. macy says:

    i forgot if u do it the regular way it helps if u rub down not up and down

  18. macy says:

    whoever d is it is realy soft pastel chalk not soft wax pastel

  19. Vero says:

    I’m sorry, but dry hair or not, this with damage your hair. How did people not see this coming?

  20. Addison says:

    Use crayon pastels! They work and i have brown hair and dont dry out hair

  21. Zee says:

    Yes i did try hair chalks, it dries out my hair too. and it came out after first wash :| maybe i didnt use much of it.

  22. Rebecca says:

    “I’m sorry, but dry hair or not, this with damage your hair. How did people not see this coming?”

    Have to agree with this one, but people do a lot of things that damage their hair.

    “Ouch! When I was a teen, I would use washable Crayola markers- take a small lock of hair and slide it between your thumb and the marker tip- you’d wind up with a colored thumb, but you’d have a streak in your hair till you washed it (you’d need to wear a dark colored shirt, and your hair would have to be light enough to show the color, but otherwise it was great)”

    I remember doing that as a kid! Too funny.

  23. alix says:

    It’s not like it’s difficult lol. I do my step daughters hair every week. Her hair is thin and blonde. And it is a dream. SOFT PASTELS are the ONLY craft store pastels that work. Brush hair, grab one inch section twist apply DOWNWARD ONLY. Brush dry and on low heat seal with hair Straightener… I do her whole ponytail. I have also done my fiances fro and my over processed hair with success. All it takes is research patience and skill.

  24. alix says:

    P’s. It WILL work on dark hair… Wet hair first. Then apply dry and seal….again not difficult. Lighter colours(lime green, teal, pink etc) work better on me and my man(Med.brown and darkest brown) pastels work best on blonde and violet pink peach and yellow look great on red

  25. Kat says:

    So i’m going to try what Alix said but does it work on medium thick hair?

  26. Ophelia says:

    I tried this last night after viewing several tutorial videos. It looked so easy! I got a box of artists soft chalk pastels, chose peacock colors and set to work. And I had been painting all day so had a DIY sheet down and painting clothes on, all set. My hair is hip length so I did 5 layers from my jaw down. It worked really well, the color took, brill. It took a good hour and a half though.
    There was chalk everywhere! All over me, I looked like a smurf! There was chalk powder everywhere, even up my nose! I got chalk powder on the walls, my carpet. A total mess.I went through a whole packet of wet wipes to clean the place, the only thing I’ve found to remove it because a wet cloth seems to spread it further.
    And my hair? Well, no words really. Very pretty colors but so stuck together, it was like my locks had fossilized! I couldn’t separate any of it. I’d seen a pic of chalked hair into a fishtail plait which is what I’d hoped for but it was not do-able! You can’t even get your fingers through it let alone a comb. I couldn’t even get a hair grip into it. It felt disgusting, and everywhere a bit of my hair touched my skin chalk dust remained. Return of the smurf!! I thought, ‘I can’t go out like this, what if it rains?’
    I had no choice but to wash it immediately.
    3 baths, 1/3 of a bottle of shampoo and 1/4 of a bottle of conditioner followed by lashings of detangling syrum. And the bathroom was a disaster! I had to clean it all again. It took ages.
    My hair still feels strange now.
    Also, no matter how careful you are, hair breaks off! Quite a bit. It’s just not worth it. Do NOT try it. It’s a huge waste of time, money, products, water…..

  27. SARA says:

    I have read 4 websites on hair chalking after i had bought a pack of non toxic hair chalk. Not artist chalk, actual hair chalk,how ever you can use artist chalk if you don’t want to spend $20 on a set like i did. Trick is to wet a small piece, no bigger then thickness of a pencil. Blondes do not need to do this or it will stain as i read. blow dry to dry, it has to be COMPLETELY dry. Once it’s dry, use the hot iron to seal the color in. Then style

    Chalking takes a bit of practice, so don’t get frustrated right away because it didn’t work. Don’t worry about what other people have done with their chalk, some peoples hair adheres to it faster then others. This DIY hair style is not a complete fail. I tried it and it worked for me, although i have dark hair i have to use much more then the average brunnette. I also had no trouble in washing it out. I did however use gloves when applying.

    so anyone thinking of doing this, try it, try it on a very small section of your hair! This is a great website that i followed


  28. pikapal says:

    I usually stick to hair mascara and that spray on hair color for temporary color. My hair is medium brown, so I have to use a lot of anything to see results.

  29. Ell says:

    I purchased hair chalk from eBay. They are designed for hair so I chose these over ordinary chalk. Firstly I have natural light blonde hair and none of the colours stained even the bright red, and I used ALOT! I literally coloured my whole hair using all of the colours. I used shampoo to get it out, I put a couple of handfuls onto the dry hair and rubbed it in. Then I washed it over the drain using cold water (I didn’t want to stain the new bathroom) the whole lot came out in one wash even the ends which had no shampoo on them.
    The best way to apply the hair chalk is to wash your hair put some leave in conditioner and hair oil on and then colour small sections lightly with the chalks then let the hair dry. This stops the hair becoming so dry!
    Hope this helps! I love the hair chalks

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