Pinterest-Martha Fail: Pineapple Flowers

pineapple flower

I was put in charge of making desserts for this year’s family Easter dinner. I spent hours on Pinterest finding the perfect recipes and ideas, narrowing them down to one delicious sounding hummingbird cupcake recipe. I planned to top them with lovely crisp pineapple flowers from a pin that has been all over Pinterest lately.

The day before Easter I shopped for ingredients, prepped the work space, and spent the night hurling my guts out. Easter dinner postponed due to massive stomach flu epidemic 2012.

Once I was on my feet again, I set about making the pineapple flowers for the postponed dinner. The tutorial I pinned said it should take about 1 hour in the oven to create the dried pineapple “flowers.” Six hours later, I had gummy tan circles. Still I dutifully placed them in the muffin pan to shape them overnight hoping the air would dry them further and transform them into lovely edible garnish. In the morning, I came downstairs to this:

pineapple flower fail

by Jess, Mad In Crafts

inspiration photo: pineapple flowers by Annies-Eats, from a Martha Stewart recipe

pineapple flowers nailed it

8 Responses to Pinterest-Martha Fail: Pineapple Flowers

  1. Vone says:

    Thanks for sharing all the Pinterest fails. I love all the ideas on there but wondering if I could ever get them to look as good.

  2. Robin Gullo says:

    I made them too and mine actually worked out but I did have to cook them a LOT longer than it asked for..

    maybe my suggestions might help if you try and make them again!!

  3. Heather says:

    Sorry, these didn’t work out as planned! It’s always a bummer when you get excited about making a craft and it doesn’t work out. I actually make these in the dehydrator at low temperatures overnight. They smell soooo good!

  4. Larkin says:

    Hahahah. Most of my crafting fails have been “simple” Martha Stewart crafts. I have almost lost a finger and a kitchen to Ms. Stewart’s box of tricks.

  5. Ms B. says:

    Sorry to hear but…After three strikes I’m IN, well it did take a while but got it down, trick is to remove the eyes of the pineapple bake about 175 – 200 3-4 hrs. It looks as if you got it too congrats and thanks for sharing.

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