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Pinterest Fail: Potato Crash Site

Crash baked potatoes

Inspiration photo: Crash Potatoes by For the Love of Cooking

Shannin found a link to Crash Potatoes on Pinterest. “I thought it would be an easy new way to cook potatoes. Not so.”

crash potatoes craftfail

“First of all if the potatoes are too big, they don’t cook as fast as the small ones when you boil them.”

“Then, the the skin started to peel off when I tried to mash them and they went flying around the pan. After the masher started to bend inward I just went at them with a fork, covered them in the olive oil mixture and sprinkled on some chives”

Looks like the scene of a crime against potato-kind.

crash baked potatoes nailed it

#done. hey, The kids liked it!

Credits: Inspiration photo: Crash Potatoes by For the Love of Cooking, inspired by Pioneer Woman and recipe by Jill Dupleix

food fails

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