The Ugliest Gingerbread House of All

gingerbread house

inspiration: gingerbread house by all*you

From: Katy

We had a gingerbread house making party one December a few years back. We started with kits but I bought all sorts of fun candy and made extra frosting. I of course, being competitive, wanted to build the most beautiful, delicious-looking gingerbread house of them all. I used the box and the internet for inspiration on how I was going to build my masterpiece.

Unfortunately, the weight of all the candy caused my house to collapse with no hope of salvage. My gingerbread house turned out to be the ugliest of them all!

gingerbread house fail nailed it

2 Responses to The Ugliest Gingerbread House of All

  1. Emily says:


    Apparently, pride goes before a smashed house. :o)

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