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Zombie Nails (Marbled Nail Polish Fail)

Marble Nails… this is one DIY craft that failed me. Now I am not artsy– I have never taken an art class. I do stick people great, but ask me to put clothes on ‘em, hell no, my skills end there.

Who knew you had to be freaking Picasso to paint your nails this way?

And I do not even know if he could do it right.

Let’s begin with the image of what my nails should look like… a marble paint job for the ages — pretty freaking fantastic I must say.

marble nails

marble nails inspiration: flickr user wtfmarie

Now here are what my nails actually look like…
marbled nail fail
Not only do they look nothing like the first picture, half of my nails look as though I got some form of disease (i.e. look at the bottom picture here, my thumb…definitely look like fungus…what the hell nail polish).
For a rundown of the entire sordid affair, visit Stephanie at It Feels Like the First Time: First Time Doing Marble Nail Art
zombie nails
Zombie Nails.

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