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Bottoms up Bottle Flowers

Bottle Bottom Flowers

When you look at this photo… You don’t really need to read the instructions. I have proven this by doing exactly that, or exactly not that, you know what I mean: I didn’t read the instructions. The craft, though beautiful is pretty straight forward and obvious, thus the instructions likewise. But just in case you, the reader, are not as smart as I am, I’ll write some out for you. No, not the original ones, but the tried and true obvious ones of my own design.

Step 1. Buy several 2 Liter bottles of Coke. (one for you and each of your children)
Step 2. Drink the Coke. All of it.
Step 3. Attempt to bring order to your household, fail, and realize it’s part of the artistic process.
Step f-f-f-f 4. Embrace the sugar and caffeine. You will eventually come down, but for now, channel it into your work. Dip, splat, dip, splat and repeat.
Step 5. Craft late into the night. Your heart is pumping like that because what you are creating is so freaking fantastic!


Read how Emmy fell victim to imperftect Pinteresting here by clicking this image.

For m-more of the story click here!
Thank you for your inspiring work, Emmy. Keep it up! We know you don’t have a choice.

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