Cardboard Treehouse of Horror

It was supposed to be fun.  It was supposed to be easy.  It was supposed to look like a tree.

In reality, it was none of the above.  While it may have seemed like a good idea when they spotted the idea on Disney Family Fun, once Small Town Dad and family were done cutting, hands bent to cramped-up balls, the results looked less like a tree and more like a rocket ship…  Sort of.

By the time we finally finish – over two hours later – it’s way past the kids’ bedtime, my right hand has become a useless claw, and our tree house/rocket ship, which is held together with duct tape, looks neither like a tree house nor a rocket ship. But no matter, because the kids love it. That is, they love it for the remaining 15 minutes they’re awake. After that night, they never actually play with the cardboard monstrosity again.

Well..  It’s the thought that counts, right?

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treehouse nailed it

6 Responses to Cardboard Treehouse of Horror

  1. Elyse says:

    This was a hilarious post, good try through. There are some easier and very creative crafts and reuses for cardboard out there. I put together a top ten on my blog, the best being how to easily (I stress easily) turn a box into a playhouse.

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  3. Tammy says:

    Well, the kids know they can build something they want to play with at least! And it’s recyclable if it doesn’t work out…

  4. Sarah says:

    It actually looks more like a rocket… I like it.

  5. Michelle says:

    I actually made one for a fairy party and it turned out great!! BTW yours looks upsidedown, just saying .. :)

  6. Jess says:

    What an adorable attempt- I love it. :)

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