Don’t Mock My Mockingjay

With any major movie release comes a tidal wave of merchandise, and The Hunger Games was no exception.  But why go out and spend $20 on a mockingjay pin when you could make your own out of puff paint instead?  Here’s why.

As a big fan of the books, Aunt Peaches was excited to make herself something to wear when she went to the theater to see the movie, however she wasn’t expecting the results to look quite like this:

It was supposed to look like Katniss’ golden mocking jay pin but it came out looking like someone stepped on a glittered tater tot.

…But that didn’t stop her from wearing it!

Read the full story at Aunt Peaches:  Craft Fail: Hunger Games Mockingjay

2 Responses to Don’t Mock My Mockingjay

  1. AnnW says:

    This is not that bad. If you run really fast, it might look perfect.

  2. MKErin says:

    That’s actually not bad at all. If I saw someone wearing that, I would totally know what it was. I would just assume that the maker had a severe form of palsy.

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