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Waffle Iron Eats Dreams (or Waffle Iron Cookies, Nailed It)

It all started with my husband seeing this post on making cookies in the waffle iron.

Waffle Cookies

Photo from Lauren Chattman and

It looked cool and easy. We had a tub of white chocolate cookie dough in the fridge so it would be easy to try. We sprayed the iron with cooking spray and put in scoops of dough and waited. Then we opened the iron.

Let me go back a bit. Ever since I was a little girl I wanted it all: a husband, kids, white picket fence, Netflix subscription, crafts, a waffle iron… and not necessarily in that order. Until recently, I did have it all.


See? I did have it all.

If I had only stopped at the waffle iron. Alas, I had to have it. Not a moment has gone by that I haven’t cursed the day I first desired such an evil, seemingly inanimate object. Ha! Inanimate indeed. Ever seen “The Brave Little Toaster”? That’s a true story. There is no insurance policy that covers damage by waffle iron, as if there were an agency that could give me back my life, my family …my cookies.

If only I had seen the writing on the wall. There were signs! Clear signs. Why did I not heed the warnings? Everyone should know not to put cookie dough in a waffle iron! A waffle iron is only supposed to eat waffle batter, pancake batter in a pinch, but you don’t feed it cookie dough. Not if you value your life, your fence, Netflix. Imagine how you would feel if all you had ever known was bland viscous slop, then suddenly someone put white chocolate cookie dough in your mouth. What would you do? What if you were suddenly aware that you had been cheated out of everything that was good and buttery and chocolaty in the world and realized that all you would ever get again was slop. Wouldn’t you rebel? Wouldn’t you become violent? If you were a waffle iron, you would.

It happened to me and it can happen to you.

Killer Waffle Iron

Photo sacrificed by Vone from

Don’t let your waffle iron devour your dreams.

waffle iron cookies nailed it

Nailed it inspiration from Endless Simmer.

19 Responses to Waffle Iron Eats Dreams (or Waffle Iron Cookies, Nailed It)

  1. Vanessa :P says:

    My waffle iron sucks too. It takes like 10 minutes to cook one waffle. Maybe I’m not using it right but I did read the instruction manual and follow all the instructions so I blame all waffle irons. Except the sweet industrial ones they have at restaurants.

  2. Stephanie L says:

    OMG. I make waffles all the time but this is the one time that it failed on me too. I tried the beautiful 5 min waffle brownies that are also all over Pinterest. Total fail. In fact it’s the one I keep meaning to submit to CraftFail!

  3. lisa klink says:

    I have a waffle cookie recipe that works well for me if anyone would like to try it?

  4. Tammy says:

    I cannot believe this picture!!! I’ve made brownie-mix in my waffle iron & it comes out fine – I’m thinking that maybe I WON’T be trying cookie dough.

  5. Julie says:

    I made these at my house and they turned out great. I took my waffle iron to my Moms house, used the same recipe, and got a craft fail. For some reason my waffle iron got hotter at her house than at mine and it ruined the cookies.

  6. Aimee says:

    You can’t use all kinds of cookie dough. You have to use a more cake-like soft cookie that has a batter rather than a stiff dough. I have an applesauce cookie recipe that works great. But beware the chocolate chips – they burn and don’t come off easily.

  7. Vone says:

    I’m not sure what I did wrong or if was the type of cookie dough – white chocolate chunk. It was a mess.

  8. Andrew says:

    I missed the part in the instructions where the bear takes a dump in the waffle iron.

  9. Tiffany says:

    I use non stick spray on my waffle iron and have no trouble making anything from cinimmon rolls to brownies to cookies…. even cornbread and potato cakes.

  10. annie says:

    I am so cracking up here…. ok so truth be told.. I did this pin also. I wanted to make icecream sandwiches. Got a cake batter ( chocolate) mixed per directions…poured it into my waffle maker only to see it in just a couple of minutes smoking and just about to go up in flames. hahaha… opened the lid, omg burnt hell!! SO thennnn, I decided to give it another whirl.. of course I would, I have a BOWL of batter to use up. THIS time I tried to spray the waffle irons first with oil.. the batches came out perfect, but not until I had halls gate on my kitchen counter.. hehehehe

  11. Larye Flynn says:

    Aimee, yes please! I would love to have your applesauce cookie recipe for the waffle iron!

  12. LisaT says:

    same thing happened when I tried it with the waffle iron brownies…miserable fail (but still tasty!)

  13. Hannah says:

    Is it because of the extra sugar in cookie dough that the cookies stick?

  14. Scout says:

    I love my Hello Kitty waffle iron and make tons of stuff in it: cinnamon rolls, hash browns. I also like to add stuff to my wafful batter. Hot cocoa waffles were good except the mini dehydrated marshmallows all burned. I think it is just too hot for the sugar!

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  17. Quinn says:

    Step #2: Give up the razor blade and switch to an electric shaver.
    Electric razors furnish a lot of advantages over razors,.
    You may draw more attention to your red, puffy face than if you had left the hair alone.

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  19. Dwiin says:

    so let me get this straight, the website LISTED the cookie dough recipe to be used, and suddenly, because it doesn’t work with ALL cookie dough variety out there it wouldn’t work?

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