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Yarn Balls – Yer Doing It Wrong!

pretty yarn balls

Inspiration: Kami's project from Make & Takes

Carla wanted to make some of those cute little yarn balls that are all over Pinterest. Carla? Yer doin’ it wrong:

I found a pin where you dip yarn in watered down glue, then wrap around a balloon. After a day, the yarn should be dry, you can pop the balloons and be left with cute little yarn balls. I couldn’t find the 5″ – 8″ balloons recommended in the pin, so I went with what was at the store – long twisty balloons (like you use for balloon animals). I tried to subdivide the balloon into smaller, rounder segments for wrapping, but it was an epic fail! It was nearly impossible to wrap the mini-segments – the yarn would hardly stay on the balloons, bunched up everywhere and just looked terrible.

Kami made it look easy! It’s sooo not!

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