Yarn Balls – Yer Doing It Wrong!

pretty yarn balls

Inspiration: Kami's project from Make & Takes

Carla wanted to make some of those cute little yarn balls that are all over Pinterest. Carla? Yer doin’ it wrong:

I found a pin where you dip yarn in watered down glue, then wrap around a balloon. After a day, the yarn should be dry, you can pop the balloons and be left with cute little yarn balls. I couldn’t find the 5″ – 8″ balloons recommended in the pin, so I went with what was at the store – long twisty balloons (like you use for balloon animals). I tried to subdivide the balloon into smaller, rounder segments for wrapping, but it was an epic fail! It was nearly impossible to wrap the mini-segments – the yarn would hardly stay on the balloons, bunched up everywhere and just looked terrible.

Kami made it look easy! It’s sooo not!

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  1. Anna-Leigh says:

    I totally had the same thing happen! I tried to make eggs for Easter and when I popped the balloon on the first one the whole thing collapsed!I think I had two out of five that were salvageable. It was totally a fail! ;-)

  2. Dottie M says:

    My mom and I did these when I was a kid, and really, it is all about getting the yarn good and wet in the glue, and letting them dry as long as it takes. When you pop the balloon you have to be careful and pull it out slowly…. but it should work. We used them as decor for a long time. It was a good memory!! Hope that helps!

  3. anneisha says:

    What happens if they get wet.

  4. Dibba says:

    Just don’t call them yarn balls – call them something else and they’ll be perfect. The one on the right kinda reminds me of a DNA helix, so perhaps they’re scientific yarn balls? :P

  5. JumbleMash says:

    I tried this with the regular balloons like the tutorials I saw. Scratch that…I tried this TWICE. When I popped the balloons the next day, as the balloons deflated, so did my yarn :(

  6. Nicole says:

    Hmmm, I do these all the time and they look just like the ‘correct’ picture for me. Sure you’re using the right glue ratio?

  7. Dani says:

    You have to gently push the balloon away from the yarn first, then pop it. We made these at day camp with K-7th and it worked :) It just takes time to dry, very wet (and thin) yarn, and getting the balloon unstuck before popping.

  8. Leah says:

    made these – the trick is wiping the glue glop from the yarn BEFORE you wrap it around the balloon – there will still be enough glue to work – then let the balloon dry for about 8 hours – after you pop the balloon, use a needle to scrape any big chunks of dry glue from your dried yarn.

  9. Victoria says:

    I tried these balloon strong balls but as I have not read the instructions properly many times on other projects I have started, I read the instructions to a few different pins of this, just so I understood. Mine turned out really cute :) Don’t get me wrong, I have fucked up some craft/baking projects. And by some I mean a lot. I got to impatient and popped the balloon before it was dry. It collapsed. I just stuck in a new balloon and blew it up. totally worked.

  10. Diana says:

    I used white twine to make these and used them as lanterns in my wedding. The twine worked great. I spray painted them all sorts of fun colors after and have them out in random places!

  11. Misty Posey says:

    I have to say now, I love reading your misshaps, lol, too funny. I did these for a wedding last Summer and my turned out beautiful. I can’t remember what all I bought, I just went to Hobby Lobby and got different brands, but I have to say, the cotton yard worked much better. Just make sure you use alot of string to make a pretty ball and plenty of glue as well.

  12. Eileen says:

    i totally thought that in the comment two comments up ^^ she said she tried this with white wine… i see how that could help :P

  13. eileen mck says:

    made the balls with natural twine and dipped it in glue wrapped it round a small balloon and dipped in glitter took a good while to dry but each child had somthing to put on the tree, love to try in colours.

  14. betty d ixon says:

    need rec for stiffener for string ballos

  15. @betty dixon: Stiffy or another fabric stiffening medium.

  16. Heidi says:

    Epic fail. Did everything the instructions said but the balloons deflated a bit and yarn therefore is sagging and looking bad everywhere. Wonder if the type of glue matters? HELP!

  17. Linsey says:

    So mine turned out fine. But a few days after they were made and dried we turned off the ac for a few hours, it got kind of hot like 80. And they all started almost melting. Help I don’t know what to do. I am making them for My wedding and I just ruined 35 of them! I tried clear spray paint, that didn’t work Fabric stiffener, more glue? I just don’t know.
    I used homemade glue (flour sugar water and vinager) on some and Elmer’s on other. Both did the same thing.

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