Crazy Optical Illusion Hand Drawing – Nailed it

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Inspiration project from

I created a “Our Summer Fun” board on Pinterest with all the amazing fun ideas I am going to do with the kids this year. Instead of browsing Pinterest. Yesterday’s project? This optical illusion hand drawing found at The Forest Room, which is a simple art project with really cool eye-popping results. I should have said “seemingly simple.”

No, it really is simple. But it’s not simple if you’re no good at drawing straight lines!

craftfail hand drawing

Also, if you can’t complete a simple drawing where you just have to draw lines… you might want to sit this project out. Or start doodling a pyramid on the side.

Better luck next time.

hand drawing nailed it

4 Responses to Crazy Optical Illusion Hand Drawing – Nailed it

  1. Use a ruler to keep your lines straight. We didn’t all get it right the first try either.

  2. vwolfe says:

    also using flat tip marker is probably going to be more fluid and turn out better than a crayon will

  3. Jonah says:

    That’s actually pretty awesome. The fingers look MORE realistic to me than the original. I think it’s very good. The lines and everything look fine. I don’t think they need to be straight at all. You did manage to get the illusion through. Maybe the thumb is not very convincing, but other than that, I love it! So much more character to it than the original one!

  4. robin says:

    i used a ruler i tried 4000000 times, i cant get this to save my life….

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