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Melted Marshmallow Frosting – Nailed It

marshmallow frosting

Melt a marshmallow for frosting, says Real Simple . Photo by Jim Cooper.

We had an impromptu birthday party on our patio the other day (even though it was nobody’s birthday). That’s just the kind of fun mom I am. I used up a Halloween funfetti cake mix to make some quick cupcakes, and because I didn’t want to spend time making frosting, I thought I’d try a trick I stumbled across on Pinterest once upon a time.

According to Real Simple, you can melt marshmallows on top of your cupcakes. Just pop them on top of the cupcakes about three minutes before you are due to take the ‘cakes out of the oven. (I won’t go into HOW you “pop” marshmallows on top of round cupcakes… SPOILER: Marshmallows don’t like to stay on top of cupcakes.) Let the marshmallow warm up and then squash it down for instant no-fuss frosting.

marshmallow topping fail

You can see mine worked well.

And then I squished the marshmallows down, because maybe that is what I was missing…

melted marshmallow topping fail

Hmmm… nahhhhh.

melted marshmallow frosting - nailed it

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