Muffin Pan Barf


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Times are tough. It’s no joke. It’s a reality that faces us constantly. Fortunately you and I have one advantage: DIY. When we need our yard worked on, we DIY. When our children need the latest and greatest costumes, we DIY. And yes, in these times when it comes to needing the perfect prank, sometimes we must go so far as to make our own Fake Barf. I for one am not the biggest fan of real barf, so FAKE barf is really the only answer.

But I know what you are thinking… “Fake barf is not environmentally fit, and though it has a much longer shelf life than the oh-so taboo REAL barf, it won’t biodegrade until the year 2365 assuming that it has been exposed to two nuclear wars.” right? Well fear not. We have Sara B. to thank for her ingenuity regarding a certain muffin pan pizza recipe. She has single-handedly come up with an environmentally approved way of manufacturing Fake Barf.

No longer will Nature have to wait for two world wars to neutralize Fake Barf and be happy again. Sara B. says, “NUCLEAR-SHNUCLEAR” to the Fake Barf industry!* We here at craftfail support such efforts and extol Sara B. and so many others that are working to keep our planet safe. A world where we can freak people out, laugh at their expense, and then pick the joke up and eat it, is a better world for us all. Thank you, Sara B.

* That quote was a complete fabrication.

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