Craft Wars Ep 3: Vote for Biggest Toy Box CraftFail

craft wars toy box

So, what did you think of last night’s episode of Craft Wars? The Pop Craft round was all about creating a toy box in an hour. I have been imagining myself in these one hour challenges, and I can’t believe I would do a good job – the time constraints are so short! It would be fun to try, even if it ended in CraftFail (90% likely).

I was largely impressed by the toy boxes this week, though! They were all fairly large, and a couple of them were even cute. Not bad for prototypes made in under an hour.

Which project do you think had the biggest Craftfail moment?

craft wars robby the robot

Pam Naughton’s Robby the Robot toybox:
Technique fail: applying glitter with spray glue

craft wars brad strickland

Brad Strickland’s 3-sided Toy Box:
Design and execution issues

Amy Ng Toybox
Amy Ng’s Monster Toy Box:
Felt won’t hold up with toybox use

Which one do you think had the biggest CraftFail?

Did you watch the show? Will you watch it next week?

5 Responses to Craft Wars Ep 3: Vote for Biggest Toy Box CraftFail

  1. Maureen says:

    I think this show kind of [email protected] but I watch it because there is nothing else on. I think the monster toy box was the best. I like doing my mixed media stuff and I’m sure I’ll never see this on that show. I don’t think I could make anything decent in an hour either. 90% fail … you got that right.

  2. Panya says:

    I didn’t get to see the end of the toy box portion of the show [sitting for my brother’s kids, their mother came to pick them up then & that’s always hectic], but from the pics here I’d definitely have to agree that Brad’s was the biggest CraftFail!

  3. neeka says:

    I like the premise of the show but am I the only one that can’t stand when the do the voice-over redo’s? It sounds so fake & they speed them up so it just sounds so robotic. Yuck. They just need to keep it real.

    Craft Fail toybox was all the glitter. I liked the robot idea but having glitter all over my kids & carpet is FAIL!

  4. Monica says:

    So far I haven’t seen anyone make anything that awesome. I liked the playhouse schoolhouse that was made during the first show, but honestly the show is kinda lame. Who would make a bird house using stuff from their junk drawer? Its not very reality based.

  5. Laura says:

    @neeka – I can’t stand the voice-over redo’s either. And it happens so much in one show. Makes me almost not want to watch!

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