Heat-free Wavy Hair Fail

wavy hair

Love Maegan is such a fun DIY beauty and fashion blog, and she has a lot of great ideas, like these heat-free wavy curls. I like how she even looks hot in the photos where she’s undoing her buns in her bathrobe. Hahah, so not me. Which brings me to…

A funny pin I found by way of Iowa Meet NYC:

wavy hair failPhoto by Kaitlyn Killgo.


13 Responses to Heat-free Wavy Hair Fail

  1. anneke says:

    Looks like she made the buns a bit too tight… this is what my head looks like after taking out my pin curls (a very similar way to curl your hair) and before i brush it out. if she had made larger and looser buns and gently brushed out the curls (start out with your fingers and see how that goes first) the end result would have looked a lot more like the picture.

  2. Linda says:

    Hair’s too short. I have naturally curly hair, the longer the hair, the looser the curl in general. You’d need to make them bigger and looser likt the other poster said.

  3. Alyssa says:

    I’ve tried no heat curls a million times a million different ways and they always turn out like this. Pretty sure the secret is magic hair.

  4. ira lee says:

    i have also tried this and i love maegan too!!! i have two theories as to why mine turned out almost exactly like yours. #1 her hair is pretty straight and smooth, mine is wavy/curly and frizzy. #2 i didnt make enough knots. i had to re-wash my hair that day, it looked so bad!!!

  5. Susan H says:

    This works, here’s how:

    hair needs to be slightly damp, If your hair is short you need to make big buns, start out trying 1 and see how that looks , not curly enough? try 2 the nextt night. Same with long hair.

    Also don’t use a brush. When you take the buns down, only use your fingers to gently shake the hair to seperate the waves. If you use a brush it’s going to look frizzy and BAD .

    Good luck, I use hair pins to hold my buns in place, I usually do 2-3 down the center of my head before I go to sleep, in the morning I have lots of pretty waves. I usually use mouse the night before also to help in the morning routine, all I have to do is shake out the curls, apply a little hair spray and it stays curly all day… My hair is a little longer than shoulder length and won’t hold a curl under any other way of fixing it.

  6. Elle says:

    Why does Maegan look so sensual? I feel like the hair ties aren’t the only thing that are going to be removed.
    Anyway– I’ve done this before and it works on me because I have VERY thick and long hair. Even then I only use two buns, because I prefer looser curls or else I look like a “triangle-head”.

  7. breanna says:

    i’ve only ever failed at all these no heat wave tutorials. epic fails. I’m with Alyssa‚Ķsome people have magic hair.

  8. Nebet says:

    > Why does Maegan look so sensual?

    Because she’s got her mouth hanging open, chin tilted down, and eyes half-closed. Standard “sexy” pose.


  9. lisa gipson says:

    i guess i have magic hair because this is the only way i can get a curl LOL

  10. Ulla says:

    Major Caveat: I have never gotten my hair to achieve the “natural wave” look; my hair is either straight or very styled. The key to styling wet-set curls is actually to brush it out. You brush and brush and brush them into shape. Wet set curls have the structural integrity to hold up to brushing, unlike heat set curls. Look up “pincurl set” on youtube. When I do a full WET (not damp) roller set or pincurls, the curl is way too tight at first, but I just brush and brush until it does what I want.

  11. Jay says:

    I had the exact same problem, though I was doing pin curls which are slightly different. Very hard to get them tight enough to not fall out but loose enough to not make your hair frizzy, I had an afro after and I have the straightest hair in the world! It was funny, if nothing else.

  12. Mirabelle says:

    Ahaha! She used too little hair to make each twist so they were super tight curls! You have got to adjust for the amount of hair you actually have.

  13. Christina says:

    I had the same thing happen! I even had a friend who is a hair stylist and LOVES doing this to her hair do mine and it always turns out this way >_<

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