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Minnie Mouse Cake Pops, or not

minnie mouse cake pop

Minnie Mouse Cake Pops – perfect! By Bakerella

Reader Cait intended to make Minnie Mouse cake pops: “Adorable and went with the party theme for my niece’s first birthday party,” she said. Cake pops have been a sensation ever since Bakerella started making amazing cake pops and posting about them on her drool-worthy blog.

minnie mouse cake pop fail

If they didn’t fall apart, then they lost one or both ears in the chocolate.

minnie mouse cake pop fail

Some of them even fell off the stick into the chocolate.

minnie mouse cake pop fail

Cait said, “I will NOT be trying cake pops again ever. Plus they weren’t even good, far too sweet for my taste! (Notice I recycled my husband’s Perfect Push Up box-HA!)”

minnie mouse cake pops naile dit

cakepop fail

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