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Sailor’s Knot: Beware All Ye Who Try This Craft

sailors knot

Are your crafts Nautical, or are they nice?

This Celtic knot heart necklace by Clones n Clowns is a great example of a trendy sailor’s knot craft. I like to imagine that a necklace like this was the inspiration for Twitter friend @kelliedeg’s attempt at a sailor’s knot:

kelliedeg tweet

Hmmm, maybe @jasondeg is right, Kellie.

Sailors Knot, Nailed It

3 Responses to Sailor’s Knot: Beware All Ye Who Try This Craft

  1. Awww Kellie !! Keep it up ! xx

  2. Tracie says:

    Just keep working with it! You have to pull and crimp it to get it to form right!!!! You can do it!

  3. Pat Adkinson says:

    I make Ribbon Necklaces for Craft Sales, and this looks like something I would like to try with my ribbon after I crochet it. Will give it a try, I’m alway trying something different. Thanks for the idea.

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