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The Pintester Takes on Corn Dog Mini Muffins

Y’all, it’s too hot for baseball. And that’s saying something, considering I find nothing more patriotic than baseball pants. But it’s never too hot for corn dogs, an all-American baseball game staple, and I found this super-cute pin on how to make mini corn dog muffins:

I’m me, so I didn’t make my own cornbread. I used Jiffy. But in my case, this actually increases my chances of success. Just trust me on that.

All began well, and my ego soared with the hope that this pin would actually work. My domestic goddessery, although maybe a little late, was finally kicking in, and I would whip this project into shape.

They even looked awesome when I pulled them out of the oven, I assumed because I was so smart and checked them frequently, as the blog post indicated, so as not to burn or dry out the delicate cornbread.

And then I took them out of the muffin tin.

I figured maybe the first one was a fluke, and now that I had the hang of it, the rest of them would be easier. The next one came apart too, in an appalling manner.

Cornbread sex toy, anyone?

I must conclude that I am cornbread impaired, because I made a tin of plain cornbread along with these, and the plain cornbread stuck, too, so it wasn’t the muffin tin’s fault, or some magical hot dog chemistry. The common denominator here is me.

Aggrieved, I pried the rest of the muffins out of the tin with various levels of success– mostly low, truth be told. They were a pile of mess, and didn’t look appetizing at all. I gave up halfway through the second tin and just ate them straight out of the tin with a fork.

However, the silver lining on this project is that they tasted pretty awesome. They’re ugly as all hell, so there’s no way I’d bring them to a party, but for me and my dog to share, they’re fine. I guess they’re kind of like the faded sweatpants of corn dogs.

To see more of Pintester’s tests (most of which are also CraftFails), check out her blog at

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