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Sock Monkey Clothing Fail

To enter a contest at my local quilt shop, I decided to make a team USA sock monkey. Never having made a sock monkey before, I waited until the last minute to get started. By the time my sock monkey was finished, it was 1am, and he still needed clothes.

I wanted to make him a patriotic shirt and shorts. I struggled with the shorts, ripping the same seam at least a half dozen times before declaring it “good enough.”

Sock Monkey Clothing Fail

The shirt was an even greater challenge. Here you can see my finished monkey on the right, and what looks like a poncho as my attempt at a shirt on the left.

I started by accidentally cutting the back and front different sizes. Instead of starting over, I persevered.

The neck hole was too small to go over his head. I cut a slit in the back.

The shirt was not wide enough for the seams to meet at the sides. I top stitched.

I didn’t have the machine threaded with the right color thread. I stitched on anyway.

Finally, I knew it was a bust and went to bed.

The following morning I cut the arms and bottom off a 0-3m onesie, appliqued on a star and letters, and declared it complete. And that is when I realized the sock monkey book I had bought had directions for making sock monkey clothes.

That is how I perfected the recipe for a CraftFail.

CraftFail Recipe



5 Responses to Sock Monkey Clothing Fail

  1. Doll clothes are always hard for me to win at. Ehh, who am I kidding, sewing ANY CLOTHES = craftfail for me!

  2. Kerra says:

    This is hilarious!!! I’m so happy your failure could bring me such pleasure. I’m sure you are, too ;)

  3. Patty says:

    I love you, craft soul-mate.

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  5. Jo says:

    Way toooooo funeee-keep ’em coming.

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