Crash Hot Sweet Potatoes from Pinterest–Smashed it!

crash hot sweet potatoes

Inspiration: Donalyn Ketchum’s Crash Hot Sweet Potatoes at

Sweet potatoe — they’re way healthier than their non-sweet cousins, and provide extra vitamins and minerals. These Crash Hot Sweet Potatoes from are spicy hot and crispy, and reader Lainie decided to make them to share with her family.

Unfortunately, Lainie’s version didn’t look quite as perfect as the inspiration:

craftfail crash sweet potatoes

They look like they crashed, all right. I’d say Lainie did a smashing job!

food fails are the best

You definitely nailed it, Lainie!

crash hot sweet potatoes -- nailed it!

5 Responses to Crash Hot Sweet Potatoes from Pinterest–Smashed it!

  1. Clandahlina says:

    It’s “potato” not “potatoe.” I thought everyone had that branded in their brains after this:

  2. Yeah, that was just a typo. It was supposed to say “potatoes.”

  3. Brandy says:

    I tried making these too but mine came out way worse than the picture above. Every one I tried to smash went sailing through my kitchen! I liked the spice combo with the brown sugar though and just cut up the sweet potato/yams into small pieces and roast them in the oven with that mixture. They came out much better.

  4. Laura says:

    I gave these a shot and it worked out pretty well. They were really tasty but didn’t look as pretty as the original pic.

  5. Pat says:

    I feel way better of my non-existing cooking skills after watching this…

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